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Welcome to the Linx Consulting 2020 Electronics Specialty Gases Symposium!

Wonik Materials, as well as the rest of the Wonik Holdings Group, is pleased to be a sponsor and we look forward to telling you a little more about our company and its global position in the semiconductor industry.

In our virtual booth you will learn more about what Wonik has to offer to semiconductor process end users, our partners and to cutting edge R&D organizations focused on the next horizon.

  1. Please see our corporate overview for highlights on our locations in Asia, the highly specialized production facilities that supply not just South Korean customers but the rest of the APAC region.
  2. Our product pages cover specialty gases used in chip manufacturing and display, such as N2O, NO, EUV Laser Mixes, UHP NH3 and a host of other gases. These are supplied to most of the semiconductor industry’s IDMs and equipment/ process OEMS globally.
  3. We also want to highlight our North American presence with an overview or our Germantown, WI facilities R&D capabilities around advanced materials and specifically precursors utilized by our valued customers globally. An example of such work is a case study for low temperature deposition on SiO2 of a novel Amino Silane, BDIPADS, that was developed by the team
  4. Last, we have an overview of our sister companies that we think solidify our unique position in our industry with the support of a materials facing organization with Wonik Materials and the relationship and support of a world class deposition tool OEM in Wonik IPS, combined with the industry leading position of our quartz group in Wonik QnC and combining all of this with materials delivery system capabilities of the Wonik Holdings Group.

We look forward to learning more about your needs and telling you more about Wonik can partner with you and your customers to deliver world class customer satisfaction and product execution. From specialty gases to state-of-the-art deposition tools, quartz solutions and gas delivery systems, we at Wonik believe there are exciting opportunities for us to discuss with you.

There are a number of ways to contact us and learn more so please visit our website for Wonik Materials at . For North American inquiries contact Chris McGrath at or for APAC opportunities contact Pin Chang at

Have a great symposium!